“With our support our daughter wanted to find her biological parents. We lost contact with them shortly after our daughter’s birth 17 years ago. We contacted Huntting Investigations for help. We were only able to provide very basic information over the phone on our daughter’s biological mother. We arrived at Huntting Investigations less than 90 minutes later to further discuss our case. When we walked into Don’s office he had our daughter’s biological mother on the phone! He held the phone out to us and asked if wanted to talk to her. We were stunned. The speed in which he was able to locate them with so little information was incredible.”

Lenore H.
Moorpark, CA

“We were in the process of entering into a business relationship with an individual and his company. Negotiations had begun when our counsel recommended we conduct a due diligence on the individual his company and corporate officers. Our counsel contacted Huntting Investigations. Within two weeks they had provided us with irrefutable proof in the form of federal court documents, taped interviews and research indicating our investor had an extensive international criminal history. Their thorough due diligence investigation prevented enormous potential damage to our company.”

Lisa P. President
Security Technology Corporation
Los Angeles CA

“Don and his team of investigators were amazing. They took so little information I previously had to find my sister. Their persistence even after almost a year was way beyond my expectations. They went to places and found information we could never have thought possible. They were so patient with me and my family through our ups and downs. I can’t begin to thank Don enough for bringing our families together. He will always be a welcome guest at all of our family reunions.”

Melissa B.
Ventura, CA

We hired Huntting Investigations to find an individual responsible violating our client’s rights stemming from a sensitive intellectual property matter. We had used two previous investigators to find this person to no avail. The investigators at Huntting Investigators were not only able to find or person in San Francisco in a timely fashion, they used one of their investigators in the Bay Area to covertly make contact with him to verify his identity without tipping him off.
Thanks to Don and his team of professionals for a job well done.

Jeff H., Attorney