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Become a Human Lie Detector – By Don Huntting

Can you tell a lie? Sure you can. Guys, when was the last time your girlfriend or wife asked, “Do I look fat in these pants?” Unless you have a burning desire to be firmly placed in the dog house, the obvious answer is clear. Every day we carry out our lives interacting with the people around us, whether at home, work or in the grocery store. We are bombarded by acts of deception. Research has indicated we are either the giver or receiver of over 200 lies per day. That seems to be an awful lot of lies thrown around every day, right? If we consider television, radio, office gossip, and the dreaded, “Mommy, how are babies made”, notwithstanding the standard stork response, deception continues to be part of our daily lives.

So, how do we know if we are being lied to? There’s no simple answer to that … Read More

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Safe Hiring – by Don Huntting

The process of matching the right person for the right job can affect everyone – from employers to employees, applicants to human resource professionals, and even when hiring service related persons to enter your home.
Every employer is saddled with invisible burdens when hiring new employees. Two of those burdens are obligation and duty. Obligation and duty to exercise reasonable care for the safety of their employees is paramount. In the legal community this is defined as “due diligence”. Employers are required to exercise due diligence when considering new hires or even promotion and retention of existing employees. The question can be asked: what term can be used to describe an employer who fails to exercise due diligence during the hiring process? The term is “defendant”.
When an employer fails to perform a legal duty, due diligence, and a person is harmed by an employee, that employer can be sued. Inadequate hiring … Read More

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The Unburnable Female Operative – By Thomas H. Humphreys

The female covert operative: the very idea evokes smoky, black-and-white images of leggy, Cold-War Soviet spies laying (forgive the pun) the perfect honey trap for unwitting Western journalists, diplomats, and men who wield power, influence, or (most importantly) information.
Phillip Knightley explodes a few “honey trap” myths in this article for Foreign Policy Magazine, titled: “The History of the Honey Trap.” And in this piece for the Times Online, British journalist Jon Swain describes his romance with a beautiful “Mossad Mata Hari” posing as a photojournalist.
Mostly, these anecdotes reveal a simple truth. The honey trap often comes to naught: sex or romance exchanged for useless information, if any at all; failed schemes to ensnare, compromise, and blackmail powerful men (and sometimes women).
And from the point of view of the private investigator, what’s the use of it? Considering how many of our cases have to do with domestic relationships, how would a … Read More

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