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Why am I being pulled over? By Douglas H. Ridley

Many people contact me to see if their DUI charges can be dropped. A lot of people ask me about what is good justification for the police to stop them and talk to them in the first place. These are great questions, and a key part of a DUI prosecution.
In order for a police officer to stop a motor vehicle on a highway, the officer must have a reasonable suspicion that a vehicle code violation has occurred. This can be from weaving over the lane lines, speeding, running a red light, talking on a cell phone, or for a multitude of other offenses. I spoke once with a friend of mine who was a CHP officer and he told me the bottom line: every single one of us commits dozens of violations of the vehicle code every time we hop in the car. Whether … Read More

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The Executive’s Guide to Decompression in 3 Easy Steps – By Jackie Spencer

It takes strength not often recognized to be in business today.  The ever-looming shadow of the backsliding economy hangs over the heads of executives and employees alike, contributing to higher than ever stress levels.
Monday blues, the anticipation of returning to work after the weekend, often begin Saturday night reducing one’s ability to fully enjoy the weekend.  Many people work Sunday with a fleeting hope to reduce the anxiety associated with Monday morning.

Workers often take on more than they can accomplish in a regular work week and put in countless unpaid hours in order to hold on to their jobs.  When lay-offs do become unavoidable, the remaining employees must then pick up the slack.

Once upon a time, we could leave work at the office by simply walking out and locking the door behind us.  Today we have smart phones, tablets and laptops that enable us to bring work with us anywhere … Read More

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The Secret Formula to Creating a Rock Star Brand – by Kimberly Bordonaro

Have you ever found that your favorite musician consistently writes songs that you swear are specifically written for you? It’s as though they opened your heart, flipped through your memories, and pushed the buttons that transport you to place that can only be experienced deep in their songs. And with each new song, you’re frantically searching iTunes to download the mp3 so you can play it on repeat a gazillion times over.

There’s an element of branding in the music business that most listeners never realize when they turn the volume up. You see, in order to compose a hit song, the lyricist follows this “simple” formula: (Melody + Lyrics) x Fans = Platinum Selling Song.

So what does this have to do with your personal brand? Everything. A strong personal brand follows the same formula: (You + Brand Message) X Target Audience = Rock Star Brand.


Why do you buy … Read More

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