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Rocks in the Box – by Don Huntting

As a police officer in Los Angeles I often came across a laughable but unfortunately common crime. It has been given the clever moniker, “Rocks in the box”. Here’s how it goes; Bob, “the industrious salesman”, parks his van on the street. He places one of his products directly from the box, in this case a 32 inch color television, next to his rolling showroom. Bob’s customers are amazed at the great deals Bob can offer for new televisions. He explains that his prices are so good because of his low overhead and the televisions are “extras” direct from the factory.

Steve, the ever diligent customer, wants to see the TV before he hands over his hard earned cash. Bob explains that all of the televisions are the same as the one perched on the ground next to the van. He tells Steve that he can’t open the boxes from the … Read More

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Am I being followed (on Facebook)?

The days of the old, “Private Dick” that we all imagine in a trench coat lurking around in the bushes may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t being followed.  In this social media age that we have all become immersed in, it is more likely that you are being cyber stalked.  The people that might be looking for information about you range from employers, potential employers and prospective business partners to vendors, debt collectors, ex spouse’s, insurance companies and of course their hired professional private investigators.  Because there are so many people that have so many reasons to, “follow you” we thought we’d educate you about three ways to manage your privacy and information shared.  These tips are geared towards Facebook because it is the most popular social tool, but please be vigilant about ALL sites that you have an account with:

1.    Privacy … Read More

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Legal Surveillance vs. STALKING – by Don Huntting

Stalking has made media headlines for many years, usually with not so pleasant outcomes. In 1989, Rebecca Schaeffer, a young rising star in Los Angeles was tracked down and murdered by an obsessed fan. This case brought to light the ease in which information could be gathered and used maliciously. For $250 Schaeffer’s attacker hired a private investigator that used DMV records to locate her. Although the Schaeffer case was not the first, it was the catalyst for the California law 646.9 P.C. Since then aggressive California anti-stalking laws became the template for the rest of the nation’s anti-stalking laws.

We have all seen in the media, and to our amazement, photographers infringe on what we believe to be the privacy of public figures and celebrities. There are countless court battles in the United States regarding privacy v. freedom of the press. To uphold certain privacy issues California enacted what … Read More

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