Missing Persons

Many factors can determine complexity of a missing person case such as; how long has the subject been missing? Has it been five hours, five days or five decades? The longer the subject has been gone the more complex the search. Does the subject know people are searching for them? Often times in probate and adoption cases the subject may not know they are “missing”. Regardless of the circumstances, each case requires a different set of strategies. In the event all traditional methods produce little or no success using an experienced professional investigator will eliminate

And lastly, is the subject being intentionally evasive due to fear, criminal behavior or paranoia? All these factors can determine the outcome of the search. Additional identifying information to aid in the location of the subject is always very valuable. Having date of birth, Social Security number, last known address and names of friends or relatives can be valuable leads to follow.

Regardless of the circumstances each case requires a different set of strategies. Utilizing a professional investigator is invariably the most effective way to find the missing person when traditional resources have been exhausted or ineffective.