Body Language Consulting

Learn to read the room and interpret body language from a former undercover street cop

Academic studies conservatively indicate non-verbal communication constitutes up to 75% of our interaction with the people around us every day. Whether in a boardroom, courtroom or lunchroom; decoding body language in a real time situation is a skill that can be learned and enhanced with practice.

Don Huntting, the founder of Huntting Investigations, has been a student of human behavior and non-verbal interaction for over 35 years. Experience acquired during his military service, enhanced as a street cop on the streets of Los Angeles, and polished as an entrepreneur and fraud investigator in the private sector will provide a unique insight into the sometimes cryptic world of non-verbal communication.


Key Note
Interpersonal communication is a real time symphony of actions and reactions to a given situation. The ability to read and decode those actions is a learned skill firmly based in science. on

There is no single indicator of intent or deception and while science has given us some great cues to rely on, there will always be individual differences and things that are unique to a person.

One-On-One Coaching
When engaged in human interaction our bodies are actively involved in an involuntary silent symphony of non-verbal cues by constantly sending involuntary messages to our audience.