Case Studies

Fraud Investigation

Client: San Jose Technology Firm
Case: Merger Due Diligence Investigation

The client had signed a letter of intent to merge technologies and resources with a United States based licensee of an offshore parent corporation. Before investing a proposed seven million dollars and merging their own intellectual property with the potential partner, the client engaged our agency to conduct a thorough due diligence investigation.

Our investigators obtained information indicating the CEO of the potential partnering company was a fugitive from justice wanted in Denmark for fraud, theft and embezzlement. The “CEO” slipped into the United States illegally and had been arrested for financial fraud. The “CEO” spent following two years in U.S. federal custody fighting extradition and had been recently released on a technicality of international law. Within two months the fraudster attempted to “invest” our clients company. Our investigators worked with the client and law enforcement to bring the suspect and his partner to justice in their native country.

As a result of our extensive investigation the client averted a multi-million dollar investment loss, damage their excellent reputation and untold future revenues.

Missing Person

Client: Ventura County Family
Case: Adopted Twin Locate

The client was a 46 year old mother of four. The client had discovered she had a twin sister two years previous. She and her twin sister had been separated as infants and adopted into separate families. She had minimal birth family history when she engaged our agency to assist in locating her family member. The client

Our investigators began researching the clients known family history. Over a period of several months and directed by scattered pieces of 42 year old information investigators located a key piece of information in achieved church records. Ultimately the information lead us to locating the sister in Madison Wisconsin were she was living with her family. She was unaware she had a twin sister.

As a result of our detailed research and extensive field investigation the twin sisters were reunited after 42 years on Mother’s day in Ventura California.

Skip Trace/Locate

Client: Los Angeles County law firm
Case: Litigation Support- Discovery

We were engaged to locate eleven witnesses four of which were suspected of construction fraud. Our investigation determined four of the eleven subjects were on the run and hiding from authorities. Additionally, our investigators were tasked to conduct complete background investigations on each of the eleven individuals. Our investigators utilized their decades of combined investigative experience and resources to track and locate the individuals scattered throughout five states in less than four days. As a result of locating all eleven individuals and utilizing the information we gathered our client prepared their case accordingly and successfully litigated the case and winning a substantial award for their client.

Asset Discovery

Client: Orange County law firm
Case: Dead-beat Dad

We were hired to determine if the ex-husband was hiding assets in an effort to avoid paying child support. Our experienced investigators, utilizing tracing methods and surveillance, were able to determine and document that the ex-husband was re-routing his finances through family members. Armed with new documentation, the client was able to return to court to place liens on real property and freeze his assets.

Fraud Investigation

Client: New York Based Clothing Designer
Case: Designer Purse Knock-Offs

Our agency was engaged to locate and recover fraudulently acquired assets taken from the client and track the individual responsible for defrauding a major designer label by producing and distributing knock-off purses. Armed with detailed information derived from an extensive due diligence investigation, our investigators located the fraudster based on information derived from informants, unwittingly through family members and a string of shell corporations. The misappropriated assets were tracked to multiple offshore accounts opened in the names of the same family members hiding him the San Francisco area.

Investigators turned the financial information located during our investigative discovery over to law enforcement officials for prosecution along with the subject’s most current location.

Employment Due Diligence Investigation

Client: Los Angeles-based Aerospace Company
Case: Due Diligecne Background Investigation

As an ongoing investigative agreement our agency was engage to conduct a due diligence investigation on a perspective C-Suite executive candidate. The candidate appeared to possess the correct credentials to perform the job duties. Our investigators discovered the candidate had not only “fluffed” his resume and CV but had been investigated by a federal regulatory agency for fiduciary issues.

Our client was able to make an informed decision to disqualify the candidate avoiding potential damage to their business reputation while saving thousands of dollars in lost productivity and legal fees.

Missing Person

Client: Ventura County family
Case: Missing teenage boy

The family had made the appropriate notifications and reports to the local Police Department. Our experienced investigators conducted an extensive Background Investigation on the subject. Combined with Police information, our field investigation and database research we were able to trace the subject to Northern California where he was staying with friends he meet on the internet. The investigators made contact and persuaded the subject to notify his family of his location and well being.