Background Investigations

The process of matching the right person for the right job can affect everyone – from employers to employees, applicants to human resource professionals, and even when hiring service related persons to enter your home.

Every employer is burdened with invisible challenges when hiring new employees. Two of those challenges are obligation and duty. Obligation and duty to exercise reasonable care for the safety of their employees is a principal factor. In the legal community this is defined as “due diligence”. Employers are required to exercise due diligence when considering new hires or even promotion and retention of existing employees.

When an employer fails to perform a legal duty, due diligence, and a person is harmed by an employee, that employer can be sued. Inadequate hiring practices can cause economic and legal woes for any company.

The goal is simple; know who you are hiring. Any labor attorney, human resource manager or security professional will always insist that pre-employment screening and background investigations are a necessity for safe and profitable operation of any company, large or small. In today’s business environment due diligence is an absolute.