About Huntting Investigations

Don Huntting is the president and founder of Huntting Investigations. Mr. Huntting has distinguished himself by serving honorably in the United States Military, Law Enforcement and in senior management positions for high-visibility corporations.

Don’s career started in the U.S Navy, where he served at sea in South East Asia and at Naval Communications Station, 7th Fleet Naval Communications in San Diego California.

He later transitioned into civilian Law Enforcement, where he spent many years as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from California State University, Northridge, Don transitioned into the private sector. While in the design industry he designed and engineered a multitude of very successful products, and as a result of his innovation and teamwork he has been awarded a number of patents and design awards.

Working as a designer and technical consultant to Hewlett-Packard’s software division, he was a leading expert in applied human factors and ergonomics, techniques and processes utilized in the design and development of advanced electronic and consumer products. He has authored several books on advanced computer aided design, engineering methodologies and user techniques. He has traveled globally to troubleshoot, teach, mentor and lecture at a wide variety of Fortune 500 corporations and universities such as Canon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 3M, Proctor & Gamble and Boeing.

As a police officer Mr. Huntting’s assignments ranged from patrol in some of the highest crime areas of Los Angeles to undercover and vice-related assignments. He was often called upon by senior officers within the police department to participate in gang-related task forces and special operations due to his experience working in areas of heavy gang activity.

Due to his diverse background in the U.S. Military, Los Angeles Police Department and as an entrepreneur Don is a highly sought after fraud investigator, public speaker and non-verbal communication coach and travels extensively chasing fraudsters and teaching executives and originations how to read their customers to increase profits and detect deception to combat fraud.