Body language is like a symphony in real time of actions and reactions to a given situation. There is no single indicator of intent or deception and while science has given us some great cues to rely on, there will always be individual differences and things that are unique to a person.

When people try to conceal how they are feeling, the expression is reduced in time from a few seconds to a fraction of a second, 1/25th of a second. Most people don’t recognize the emotions expressed during this brief flash of time. A myriad of academic research has proven learning to read and apply increased knowledge of observation, facial expressions and body language effectively that gives provides an edge in business because it allows you to communicate more effectively.

Through the development of customized body language training programs, participants will be equipped to make better in-context educated deductions. Learned or improved body language and observation skills aid in evaluating credibly, truth and deceptive behavior and can be applied in any professional or personal interaction.

Don has traveled globally to lecture, teach and mentor at a wide variety of Fortune 500 corporations and universities such as HP, Canon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 3M, Proctor & Gamble and Boeing. He brings a unique combination of more than 35 years of military, law enforcement, and private sector fraud investigative experience to provide entertaining and informative methods to turn prospects into clients, hire the next superstar employee, or unmask the fraudster.

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