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When engaged in human interaction our bodies are actively involved in an involuntary silent symphony of non-verbal cues by constantly sending involuntary messages to our audience.

Non-verbal communication plays a crucial role in leadership, not just in how we are perceived by others but also in how we perceive ourselves. When leaders are unaware of what their body is saying, it can create challenges that go beyond just the normal day-to-day problems of running an organization.

Executives, entrepreneurs and managers must utilize every tool available to them to effectively lead organizations, have clarity in their message, be more genuine while communicating their vision, and strive to become powerfully resonant leaders in their chosen profession.

Business is all about building and maintaining meaningful relationships and our can be boiled down to three identifiable questions: How well can I read others? How can I change my methods of communication to inspire trust? How do I know if someone is hiding something?

The way a person talks, walks, sits and stands all say something about that person, and whatever is happening on the inside can be reflected on the outside in the form of actions and reactions. Body movements and facial expressions provide insight into the emotions, attitudes and physical wellness of the whole person.

Detecting these subtle and sometimes not so subtle “tells” is not mind reading it’s a no-tech emotional body hack. As we would say in my former LAPD narcotics unit; its “acquired observational intelligence”.

Scientific methods developed in anthropology, linguistics, psychology, and the understanding and application of non-verbal analysis applied not in the lab but in the real world over 35 years of law enforcement, fraud investigations, interviews and interrogations.

Don’s mentoring allows executives to project confidence and a greater understanding of their own non-verbal cues during presentations, negotiations and meetings while identifying suppressed negative behavioral leaks in others such as superiority, aggression, disapproval, power and arrogance.

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